Contract Disputes

Contracts between parties can be in writing or, in certain circumstances, oral. Sometimes the contract can involve the provision of services, such as when an individual hires a vendor. Or it can be an employment contract, such as when a company hires a professional to render services on its behalf to the company’s clients or consumers. Or the contract can involve the purchase of personal or real property.

In contract litigation, the issues in dispute may pertain to the terms of the contract, for example, a time-table of completion, the amount of compensation, or the exact services to be rendered. The parties may attempt to establish the terms of the contract through documents, oral evidence, or course of conduct. Parties to a contract also may end up in litigation when, assuming the terms of the contract are clear, the other party has breached the contract. Finally, a party to a contract may have a claim against other parties in tort when there has been a negligent misrepresentation by one party as to the circumstances underlying a contract, or there has been intentional interference by a third-party with the performance of a contract.

It is impossible to categorize the many different forms of contract disputes insofar as the ways in which parties may enter into an agreement are limitless. However, if you are involved in a contract with another party and would like to discuss your rights and options, please contact us for a free consultation so that we can determine the best way to protect your contractual rights.

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