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Seriously injured in a fall. A tragic car accident. Your home is destroyed by a flood. Wrongful death because of a defective product. Divorce. Fighting with your spouse over who will have custody of your child.

You’re losing sleep over your financial future, or worried about when you will be able to see your son or daughter. That’s when you need a lawyer . . . but not just any lawyer. You need a lawyer who will carefully listen to your concerns, and who will work closely with you to devise a legal strategy that successfully maximizes your recovery, restores your home or relationships, and “makes things right.”

For twenty-five years, Mitchell Wong has been doing just that, working with clients who are gravely injured, who have lost a loved one, the family home or their business, or who are fighting to retain custody of their children.

The focus of the law firm is in representing clients who have suffered a personal injury, plaintiffs in civil litigation, and men or women who are involved in a divorce or child custody dispute. Each case that this law firm undertakes is unique, and we understand that every client has different goals when involved in a legal proceeding. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your case, and to share with us what you would like to achieve.

Creative solutions, attention to detail, and dedicated effort describe the nature of Mr. Wong’s work as he has served his Hawaii clientele.

Protecting your rights. Securing your future.

That’s what you want your lawyer to do….
…This is our commitment to you.

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