Frequently Asked Questions

Attorney’s Fees and Costs

Worked performed in plaintiff’s personal injury cases is done on a contingency fee basis. That is, you would not owe any attorney’s fees unless a recovery is achieved.

On family law and nearly all other civil litigation matters, work is performed on an hourly basis at the rate of $225.00 per hour. Costs are also charged to the client, and may include items such as court filing fees, witness fees, depositions, and other costs that are associated with the litigation.

Certain plaintiff’s cases, whether personal injury, property damage, or business litigation, can be done on a mixed contingency fee and hourly basis, where the client will pay an agreed upon retainer up front, in exchange for a reduced contingency fee. At the conclusion of the case, the fees paid up front are credited against the reduced contingency fee recovery.

Payment Plans

If you engage this law firm to represent you in a matter that is billed on an hourly basis, we do, in many instances, agree to a payment plan. In those cases, after the submission of an initial retainer, the client will thereafter pay a set amount on a monthly basis until all attorney’s fees and costs are paid in full. The amount of the initial retainer and monthly payment will depend on the nature of the client’s claim: cases that require a significant amount of work will require a higher initial retainer and monthly payment as opposed to cases that require minimal work. In each situation, however, we will work with you to achieve an agreement that is suitable for the law firm, while taking into account your personal situation.

Medical Bills

If you are involved in a personal injury claim, your medical bills may be covered by an applicable motor vehicle no-fault policy or a premises owner’s liability insurance coverage. Assuming that you are unable to identify any third-party insurance coverage that applies to your medical bills, then your personal medical insurance should pay for your medical treatment, although in such a case payment of your medical expenses would be “conditional” and subject to a lien against any recovery you obtain for your injuries. This law firm’s practice is to work with your lien holders, if any, to reduce the lien holder’s entitlement so that you realize a greater recovery.

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