Premises & Fall Injuries

When you enter a premises you are entitled to assume that it will be free from conditions or defects that create a hazardous condition. Water on the floor, a concealed hole on a public walkway, a raised platform that is not adequately marked, or gravel strewn across a pathway are some of the many conditions that result in persons falling and sustaining serious personal injuries. In a case where a party is claiming that a premises owner’s negligence has caused the party’s injury, a plaintiff must show that the premises owner’s conduct fell below the standard of care of a reasonably prudent person, and that such conduct was a substantial factor in causing the plaintiff’s injuries or damage.

In certain cases where the claim for negligence is due to a defective condition in the premises, it may be necessary to engage an expert witness to demonstrate that the premises was negligently designed or maintained, and that it was a cause in fact of a plaintiff’s damages.

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